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Translate your App

Why you should choose us

We are your professional translation partners when it comes to translating apps and games. We have been working in this field for many years, and during this time we have become a well-established team.

Two sets of eyes are better than one

Translation and proofreading included

We always check our translations very thoroughly, and we consult with each other to ensure best-quality results.

We do what we do best

We only offer services that we are absolutely sure we can deliver in accordance with our standards of utmost quality. We have successfully completed various projects in the apps business (including games) and gained broad experience in this field; this is why we focus on translating apps and games.

We only translate into our mother tongue, which is German. We are confident that only the feel for language in the mother tongue can ensure perfect textual style. However, as we were both raised bilingually in Russian and German, we also offer a very fluent command of Russian. Thanks to our professional education as translators and our constant use of the English language, we have gained a very good command and excellent understanding of it. This enables us to translate even the finest details of the original text to German – quickly and with utmost quality.

Users translate for users

Undivided attention

We are not only translators, but also very enthusiastic app users and gamers. We are always up to date in the field of apps and games and quickly learn the characteristics of new applications. Since we are app users ourselves, we know best what users require.

Technical communication and information technology combined

In addition to our translating experience, we offer professional skills in both technical communication and information technology. Our technical communication skills enable us to create very target-group-optimized texts, and thanks to our know-how in information technology, we are familiar with development processes and are able to effectively communicate with you.

Undivided attention

Undivided attention

When working with us, you will always communicate directly with the translator who is executing your order – without having a project manager forward your questions or messages to the actual translator first. Your suggestions, questions, or requests are directly forwarded to the translator so they can be discussed immediately and solutions can be found quickly. Furthermore, this way you only pay for what you really require - your translation.

Your success is our success

The best translation quality is our top priority. We know that only the best quality ensures your applications will be successful among your German-speaking users.